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Magnet's Design Adventure! Hello. I am Sarah 'Magnet' Magee a student at QUT studying Science and Interactive Entertainment (Games!). This is my design journal for my 'Introducing Design' unit.

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What Women Want (In Female Video Game Protagonists)

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The Escapist’s Shamus Young recently penned a thoughtful article about Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series, and how he believes the lack of female protagonists in games is a more pressing concern than the portrayal of secondary characters. There are plenty of points there worthy of discussion, but what particularly caught my eye was a series of open questions posed to the “average power-fantasy-seeking female player”:

So what should a proper female lead look like? Where do you draw the line between “attractive” and “cheap pandering cheesecake”? Which female leads resonate with women? Which ones repel them? Is it better to have a variable gender protagonist like in Fable II where you can choose a gender that basically doesn’t matter, or is it better to have a protagonist with a specifically crafted character? What genres of action-type badassery are most attractive to females, and would make a good starting point for a developer looking to court a female audience?

I hardly speak for every woman gamer, but these are valid questions that don’t get addressed often enough. Very well then. Challenge accepted.

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Some people believe that the argument that we need better female game characters is over and done. Nope. Its not something to chuck a few acceptable characters at and consider solved. Characters in games regardless of gender or any other characterisation, that as a development should be an ongoing discussion. You cant just go ‘oh hey, this is how you make characters [or anything really] in a game, thats what youre supposed to do, thats whats expected’. You wanna make something interesting? Beconstantlylooking for how you can improve and build upon and expand current conventions.

Also plz have cool ladies plz thank <3

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Tequila Works released this first developer’s diary with a look into the making of Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Deadlight.  This video covers the meaning behind the game’s setting in the 80’s and some of the inspiration behind the design of the game.

"…cinematic platformers in which the world is a character itself…"

I cannot stress just how important it is to me to not overlook the potential for putting character in the scenery. Its a part of the game just as much as UI or characters so it deserves to be fleshed out just as much! For me, a good characterised setting is a deal maker or breaker for a good and immersive game.

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I think i might actually continue to use this blog, as much as i prefer paper journalling, i can supplement that with this online journal. Certain media is much easier to talk about online. Also…there’s an element of…sharing…that i like about having a blog. The chance to show others my thoughts and potentially collaborate.

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